effective 7 October 2016

In each case, these ONE morning training presentations give a brief overview of the NEW legislation, introducing & explaining the clauses most relevant to the audience.

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Presentation A

Especially complied for owners & aspiring trustees and also suitable for suppliers who need to understand their Bodies Corporate customers = maximising sales!


will understand their rights, obligations, duties, and will become empowered.


will better understand the intricate workings and structure of bodies corporate; who makes decisions, how they are made, when they take place, and will get to realise that there is a lot of potential work, if one is prepared to work within the Body Corporate system.

It is not the same as working with businesses or individual owners.

Presentation B

Especially compiled for Estate Agents who want to understand sectional title better, become more specialised and increase their market share in this lucrative, fast growing form of ownership.

Presentation C

Especially compiled for Managing Agents’ offices.
Offering the basics and overview so the PM’s and support staff can be empowered. Approximately 10 hours over 2 days.

This presentation will assist with:

  • Increasing your level of professionalism.
  • Reducing your risk of falling short of the CPA.
  • Minimising problems relating to transfers.
  • Building up your credibility in the S T market.
  • Empowering yourself.
  • Increasing your confidence & understanding of ST complexities.

For more information, and current training dates and costs, please email us at