I have compiled several publications on key issues which are informative, easy to follow and assist owners in becoming more empowered and knowledgeable. Each publication is sent in a PDF format with the purchaser’s logo and details on the front page, and co-copyrighted on the bottom of each the 6 – 8 pages which constitutes the relevant publications.

  1. Introducing You to the World of Sectional Title (providing basic information/explaining terminology)
  2. Improving Key Relationships in Sectional Title (owners, trustees and managing agents)

The entity then owns the PDF Publication which can be sent out as often as they wish, as a marketing, public relations, and information exercise.


– basic information to assist the owner to have a better understanding , leading to

  • empowerment
  • understanding your rights, duties and obligations
  • improved communication with your managing agent
  • easier interaction with fellow occupants.
  • a happier, forward- moving Body Corporate

It can only be an introduction to the most common terminology and aspects, given that the publication is only 6 pages of text. But it is enough to give insight to owners, and support staff in your office.

Aspects that are included:- 

  • What ACTS form part of the current legislation
  • The Body Corporate, what is it, who belongs, duties, etc.
  • Differences between door numbers, sections and unit numbers
  • Common Property
  • Participation Quota
  • Different types of levies
  • Exclusive use areas
  • Key role players in sectional title
  • Trustees – role, responsibilities, who can be
  • Owners’ key obligations and duties
  • CSOS – their role
  • Managing Agents – how do they fit in
  • Meetings
  • Alterations and renovations
  • Extending a section
  • Taking decisions/ resolutions
  • Insurance


  • Education of your owners with whom you have  to deal every day. If they understand more, there will be less frustration on both sides
  • Better communication reduces time wasted trying to explain the basics
  • Branding of your name on the publication will show that you are a proactive agency, who wishes to empower others
  • Because it is very useful tool to those owning in ST, it will be kept and passed around for a long time to come. Each time your branding being on the front will be viewed
  • Ideal for Bodies Corporate to include in the new owners Welcome Packs
  • Those businesses wishing to promote their services or products to the ST industry would find these useful products on which to place their corporate branding and details.


The objective is to provide insightful information to assist the key 3 parties (Owners, Trustees and Managing Agents) to bring about improved relationships for the positive benefit of the Body Corporate.

The Role of the MANAGING AGENT (MA) 

  • Pet grievances
  • Misconceptions about MA
  • What the legislations says about the role of the MA
  • Requirements/ duties of the MA
  • Appointment Period


  • What makes a good Trustee?
  • Requirements of Trustees
  • Role of the Chairman
  • The DOs for Trustees
  • The Don’ts for Trustees
  • What can the Trustees reasonably expect from their MA?


  • What the duties/responsibilities include
  • What is an ideal owner?
  • What owners can expect from their MA

The branding/logo of the Scheme name, or that of the Managing agent, will be on the front cover, and at the bottom of each of the 8 pages, co copyrighted with mine.