Your GPS through Sectional Title Territory

TRAINING on the SECTIONAL TITLE LEGISLATION effective 7 October 2016
In each case, these ONE morning training presentations give a brief overview of the NEW legislation, introducing & explaining the clauses most relevant to the audience.

Not a lawyer by profession, but by combining my 30+ years of being an owner, investor, trustee, estate agent, and trainer in this field, as well as being the author of Keyword access to the Sectional Title Acts for the last 10 years, I am able to present a practical, hands-on and informative presentation to give the delegates a wider understanding of Sectional Title to meet their  specific needs/requirements, without it becoming overwhelming and/or too “legal”,  and to show how Bodies Corporate operate - or should be run!

Both presentations are down to earth, and deal with “key” need-to know aspects.

Presentation A - Especially complied for owners & aspiring trustees and Also suitable for suppliers who need to understand their Bodies Corporate customers = maximising sales!

Owners will understand their rights, obligations, duties, and will become empowered.

Suppliers will better understand the intricate workings and structure of bodies corporate; who makes decisions, how they are made, when they take place, and will get to realise that there is a lot of potential work, if one is prepared to work within the Body Corporate system. It is not the same as working with businesses or individual owners.

Presentation B -Especially compiled for Estate Agents who want to understand sectional title better, become more specialised and increase their market share in this lucrative, fast growing form of ownership

Presentation C -Especially compiled for Managing Agents’ offices.
Offering the basics and overview so the PM’s and support staff can be empowered. Approximately 10 hours over 2 days.

This presentation will assist with:

  • Increasing your level of professionalism.
  • Reducing your risk of falling short of the CPA.
  • Minimising problems relating to transfers.
  • Building up your credibility in the S T market.
  • Empowering yourself.
  • Increasing your confidence & understanding of ST complexities.

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